Latest C1 OBD+GPS HUD with big screen Multi-color car Head Up Display

Item No.: C1
HUD short for Head Up Display.It displays driving datas on the front windshield such as speed, RPM, fuel consumption,water temperature,voltage;avoiding drivers become dangerous because of watching the instrument while driving.Drivers can read the driving
Description Display in the car Installation Package
Latest C1 OBD+GPS HUD with big screen Multi-color car Head Up Display 

C800 HUD Features:
1.Combine OBD &GPS HUD system into one,free switch
2. HD multi-color big screen display
3. Auto power on/off
4.Automatic and manual brightness adjustment modes
5. Display information:
OBD mode display: vehicle speed,engine RPM,water temperature,voltage,instantaneous fuel consumption,average fuel consumption,driving distance measurement,driving time ,accelerating competitive mode,brake performance test mode, display detail facult code in text, and clear the fault code,Turbine pressure, Air/Fuel Ratio, oil temperature      
GPS mode display: vehicle speed, clock,single driving distance and time,KM and Mile can be switched, voltage,the brightness can be adjusted by  automatically and by manual, satellite number
6.with reflection board, the display information can reflect on the board, no need reflection film, more clear in the daytime


C1 Head Up Display connect car OBD interface by OBD cable
Plug and Play
Work for cars with OBD1 and OBD2  interface