WiiYii Car Electronic Throttle Controller 9 Drive Blue color

Item No.: F1-Blue
By collecting the accelerator pedal position sensor signal, input rearranged throttle signal to the computer, improve the engine's response performance, thereby enhancing the throttle sensitivity, speed up the pace, tand enhance the vehicle instantaneous
WiiYii Car Electronic Throttle Controller 9 Drive Black Color

Throttle Controller Function And Specification:

1.The product can improve the car handling ability by control the sensitivity of car throttle controller switch,and make it better adapt to different driving habit and road conditions.

2.There are 5 Modes as below:
  P1-Comfortable Mode
  P2-Sports Mode
  P3-Racing Mode
  NOR-Normal Mode
  EC-Fuel-efficient Mode

3.There are 9 levels ( 1-9) for the acceleration, the acceleration sense from weak to strong is very obvious, and no effect the throttle control capability.
Please note: The factory default setting mode is P2.6

Installation Instruction:

1.Connect the Throttle Controller with the accelerator Pedal interface
2.Stick the Throttle Controller on central console
3.Connect the plug with the Throttle Controller,bind the wire if necessary.